Intelligence & Defense Community Assistance

Company Growth

We are uniquely positioned to assist individuals and companies in resolving  issues emerging from conducting business within the Homeland Security, Defense and Intelligence Communities.  We can assist in  promoting and managing company growth by advising on:

  • Preliminary company structure
  • Fundamental contracting documents
  • Tailored intellectual property protection policies and documents
  • Joint ventures, mitigation plans and teaming documentation
  • Assessing legal and business risks associated with technology transactions and federal contracts
  • Preparation and review RFPs, proposals and contracts.

Our staff, has unique expertise in National Security Law which includes a broad spectrum of legal issues involving the Intelligence and Defense communities.  These issues frequently require the balancing of individual rights with the interests of national security.  This can span the gamut from internal personnel investigations to federal contract disputes to defense of inspector general investigations, as well as input to congressional members and committees.   We also provide representation in employee disciplinary proceedings within the National Intelligence, NSA and Defense Communities.


Henault & Sysko, Chartered can assist you in new business start-ups and creation of partnerships and other business structures such as limited liability entities  and corporations.  We provide our clients with a broad complement of business structure documents including Teaming Agreements, CRADAs, MOUs,  Joint Ventures or other forms of business arrangements.  We offer employment guidance  regarding employment termination and EEO issues along with executive compensation package negotiation and succession planning.  We can help you isolate critical elements of any proposed transaction, identify the potential risks and likely outcomes, and create a document package tailored to protect our clients’ interests.


When Litigation is required, clients need a strong advocate and well-reasoned legal advice.  Henault & Sysko, Chartered, can provide the experience and passion that a successful litigation demands with a balanced approach to resolving issues.   Civil litigation is an option when a negotiated solution or mediation has not been successful or is not practical.

Federal Contracts

Contractual transactions with the federal government can be complex, involving interpretation of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the Defense FAR supplement (DFAR), contractor performance and rights-retention issues, the understanding of which can have substantial impact of profitable performance.  Our experience with government contracts help us determine which course of action is proper and  in the client’s best interest.

We have a special interest in technology and a thorough understanding of the special arrangements unique to the high-tech community.  We offer guidance in the protection, licensing, and sale  of intellectual property, technology issues and FAR matters, as well as general contract review and non-disclosure/non-compete agreements.  We can also assist our client in the acquisition of sophisticated electronic, communications or computing equipment and development of the necessary contracting vehicles.