Facility Clearances

A facility security clearance (FCL) is not a security clearance per se. After appropriate sponsorship, it is a determination by the cognizant government security organization  that it is in the interest of national security for a company to have access to classified information e.g. Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret. A firm is only eligible to apply for a facility security clearance when they are required to access classified information to preform under a contract. The foregoing is premised upon clearing the company’s Key Management Personnel (KMP). They must possess the necessary personal security clearance at the same level (or higher) as the FCL. A problem which sometimes develops is that a necessary KMP of the company has or is expected to have significant issue obtaining or retaining the necessary security clearance, creating uncertainty and delay. It is imperative that legal advise be promptly obtained so as to mutually develop the best approach to protect the company’s interest as the security clearance matter is being addressed.

The Experience You Need, At The Right Place, At The Right Time

Whether you are looking for personal clearance or facility clearances it is is important that your attorney has a strong knowledge of all the details and the mindset that is involved with being granted a facility clearance. Whether you need access to Confidential information, Secret information or even Top Secret / SCI data. Attorney Dennis J. Sysko worked for the National Security Agency for more than two decades before representing clients in security clearance matters at the Law Offices of Henault & Sysko, Chartered, a firm established in 1980 with a strong reputation in Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia.

It should be noted that denial or revocation of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access for either intelligence community employees or government contractors involves a two step administrative process, initially a detailed written submission and if unsuccessful, a review by an Appeals Panel. The process also permits a personal appearance, depending on the agency, either at the first level or Panel level. The personal appearance is generally at the agency headquarters which is usually in the Greater Washington, Northern Virginia or Maryland area. It is also important to understand that the 10 Department of Defense (DoD) Central Adjudication Facilities (CAF) have recently relocated to a newly constructed building at Fort Meade, Maryland. Our offices are conveniently located in Glen Bernie, Maryland and nearby Fort Meade and Baltimore Washington International Airport.

Getting the Paperwork Right

When you need to obtain facility clearances, there are various forms that need to be filled out and questions to answer about your own personal history. These questions are designed to develop the road map to your life and determine whether or not you can be trusted with privileged information.

Even honest mistakes and oversights can easily be construed as suspicious, and may result in the denial of security clearance. At the same time, it isn’t necessary to reveal every detail of your life. By working with Attorney Dennis J. Sysko, many of these forms are simplified. Because of his deep knowledge of security clearance issues, he has a strong sense of what information really needs to be revealed.

Your Past Matters

While many people like to leave their past in the past, this is impossible when it comes to obtaining facility or personal clearances. Many of the things that will be looked at might seem irrelevant to getting the clearance you need, but often the government or corporation does not see things that way. The government will scrutinize:

  • credit problems or bankruptcy
  • criminal arrests or convictions
  • illegal drug abuse or prescription misuse
  • treatment for mental health condition
  • family in another country
  • passport issued by other country,
  • whether you’ve traveled abroad
  • any alcohol related accident, DWI,
  • If you’ve been suspected of coming to work intoxicated
  • worked or volunteered for foreign entities
  • moved or changed jobs frequently

While it may difficult to be cleared at all, the severity of any infractions, as well as the time that has gone by since they occurred, and your maturity level is also considered.

Written Appeal Preparation

When preparing an application for a security clearance or an appeal to a denial, it is important that your attorney be very well informed. They must have correct information, and must explore your life with you as the process drives on.

Attorney Dennis J. Sysko can advise you on types of questions investigators might ask, advise you on how to approach circumstances that could be called into question, and coordinate proactive measures in resolving these issues.